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C I R C U I T O   F U T U R A

ArtFutura presents the vanguard of the 3D programs in three workshops that are entirely free of charge. A four-hour introduction to the new tools that are making films such as “Sin City”, “Renaissance and “A Scanner Darklypossible.

artfutura artfutura

11:00 hours / Room OM
Introductory workshop to Zbrush by Alex Huguet
Presented by 9Zeros
Length: 1 hour. Free admission to previously reserved places
ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 2D/3D modeling and texturing. It is currently used by companies such as Industrial Light & Magic and Electronic Arts to create high resolution models of up to ten million polygons in films, videogames and animation. This introductory workshop, presented by the school 9Zeros, will be given by Alex Huguet who has worked on videogame projects such as Batman Begins, Sphinx, and Without Warning as well as on the film Poseidon.

12:00 hours / Room OM
Introductory workshop to Mirage
Presented by Aula Temática
Length: 1 hour. Free admission to previously reserved places
Mirage is one of the software packets most used for digital animation in 2D, a sector that is growing thanks to the Japanese production of animation “anime” and cartoons. It is becoming more frequently employed for cinematographic productions because of its rotoscope and tracking capabilities, such as those that can be seen in “Sin City” and “A Scanner Darkly”.

13:30 hours / Room OM
Introductory workshop to Houdini
Presented by Aula Temática with the collaboration of David Mellor (Framestore CFC)
Length: 2 hours. Free admission to previously reserved places
Houdini is a high-end tool for the creation of advanced visual effects. This software is changing the way computer graphics are made in large-scale productions allowing for a dynamic and non-lineal production rhythm and the use of a procedural system. The workshop will include the participation of David Mellor (Technical Director of the London studios Framestore), who will show the many applications of this software in advertising and special effects. Framestore have participated in films such as “Underworld”, 'Harry Potter” and “Land of Giants”.

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