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C I R C U I T O   F U T U R A

This year, with the collaboration of Fundación Telefónica,, ArtFutura offers the possibility of Saturday’s conferences in Barcelona being followed in real time from: Granada (Parque de las Ciencias), Madrid (La Casa Encendida) and Vitoria (Artium).

The session called Alt_Animation: Digital Animation beyond Convention includes the presentations: Aardman Animations (“Flushed Away”), “Renaissance” and “A Scanner Darkly”.

A new generation of creators who are renewing the language of computer animation. Distancing themselves from the aesthetics established by the big studios and wagering for hybrid formulas that combine the capacity of digital media with traditional techniques and ideas that come from other genres. “A Scanner Darkly”, “Renaissance” and “Flushed Away” all show the new horizons that are opening to the world of the synthetic image.

artfutura artfutura

18:00 hours
Helen Brunsdon, Aardman Animations (GB)
“Aardman: from plasticine to pixels”
Aardman Animation, home of the unforgettable Wallace and Gromit, has been a symbol for the more artisanal and intimate side of the world of animation since some thirty years ago. In their new full-length feature film, “Flushed Away”, Aardman have allied with the strong digital animation division of Dreamworks (“Antz”, “Shrek”, “Madagascar”) to make a different sort of 3D animation film that combines the versatility of the digital world with the warmth of putty and the unmistakable style of “step by step” animation. In this presentation, Aardman will review their rich background and reveal the process used in the making of this production that will reach our cinemas this December.

19:00 hours
Marc Miance, Attitude Studio (FR)

“Renaissance” is a stylized and sober proposal that brings animated science fiction close to the tradition of the European film industry. Its maker, the debuting Christian Volckman, has dedicated the last seven years to the completion of this story inspired in cyberpunk which recreates digitally in black and white a Paris in the immediate future constructed over classical references such as the work of Fritz Lang and Orson Welles and the best film noir of the 30’s and 40’s. In ArtFutura, the film’s creators will tell us all about how this production, which proposes an aesthetic model for 3D radically different from what we are accustomed to seeing, was developed.

artfutura artfutura

20:00 hours
Tommy Pallota (USA)
“‘A Scanner Darkly’ from the inside”
Since the announcement of its production, “A Scanner Darkly” has been one of the films digital animation fans from all around the world have most been looking forward to. This adaptation of one of the most emblematic and hallucinationary novels of the genius of science fiction, Phillip K. Dick, has been transformed into images by means of the digital rotoscope technique in which animation is generated from a recording in video in which the actors interpret the scenes. “A Scanner Darkly” includes a star cast (Keanu Reeves, Wynona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr) and it is an exuberant and sophisticated visual show that wagers for an adult and poetical form of animation.
The producer of the film, Tommy Pallota, one of those most responsible for the project, will talk about the processes of conceptualization, production and postproduction of “A Scanner Darkly” in this presentation.

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