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C I R C U I T O   F U T U R A

The Audiovisual Program ArtFutura 2006 will be projected simultaneously in ten different cities throughout October and November: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Palma de Majorca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Vigo, Vitoria, Astillero and Zaragoza.

The program includes the latest selections from the ArtFutura Show, Full Motion Theater and 3D in Spain, as well as a retrospective (Moebius), two documentaries (“A Scanner Darkly” and “Renaissance”) and an advance of the best of the next edition of Resfest - 10.

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ArtFutura Show 2006 - I 

The ArtFutura Show is the essential selection of the best international productions in computer animation and visual effects. From the most spectacular pieces produced by the large Hollywood companies to the smallest marvels created by independent artists from around the world. A classic of the festival ever since its first days. In this edition, for the first time, the program doubles its usual length. It includes works such as “Suba” (Alastair Graham), “Doll Face” (Andrew Huang), “Racing Beats” (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) and “One Rat Short” (Charlex), winner of the recent edition of Siggraph, the all important international event for 3D image. (Approx. length: 1 hour)

ArtFutura Show 2006 - II

Second part of the international selection of 3D animation which includes works that stand out for their length and special atmosphere. A perfect demonstration of how computer animation still has a lot of territory to be explored and how it has become an elemental part of today’s creative activity. Among other pieces, the show includes: “Brush” (Lei Chen), “Monster Farm 5 Circus Caravan” (Junko Kawashima), “Metal and Meat” (Stephan Larson), “Wojna” (Agnieszka Kruczek) and a lot more. (Approx. length: 1 hour)

Full Motion Theater 2006
Intros are the crossing point between the interactive world of videogames and cinematographic narrative. These non-interactive sequences that make up an important part of the narratives of the most popular titles in the world of electronic leisure are becoming more and more sophisticated and visually innovative every year. Full Motion Theatre presents a selection of the most interesting audiovisual production related to videogames. The 2006 edition highlights the titles for the coming generation of consoles, which includes trailers for projects such as “The Eye of Judgment”, “Resistance: Fall of Man”, “Okami”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Metal Gear Solid 4”, along with many others. (Approx. length: 1 hour)

3D in Spain 2006
The 3D in Spain prize is the oldest competition in this country aimed at rewarding the best works of 3D animation and special effects produced during the previous year by companies, students and independent artists. By means of popular vote of the attending public, the program establishes the finalists of all works submitted. 3D in Spain offers an extensive view of the state of digital animation and 3D nationally. Included are: “Bungle in the Jungle” (Miquel Cabot), “Changes” (Daniel Martínez Lara), “Perpetuum Mobile” (Enrique García and Raquel Ajofrín), “Niebla” (Emilio Ramos) among others.

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Some critics have defined “Renaissance” as what would have happened if Frank Miller and H.R. Giger had got together to produce a remake of “Blade Runner”. And, for certain, the film recovers many of the reoccurring patterns of cyberpunk: a dark and degraded vision of the city of the future – in this case Paris in the year 2054 --, perverse biotechnological multinationals, scientists with problems and a characterization and narrative tone inherited from the film noir model. Christian Volckman has not limited himself to recycling the places common to the genre. His objective has been to create an authentic digital film noir. Documentary about the making of this European production which is one of the most outstanding projects included in ArtFutura 2006. (Approx. length: 30 minutes)

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A Scanner Darkly
There is no other name that excites the imagination of science fiction lovers as much as that of Philip K. Dick and a new cinema adaptation of one of his works is always received with a mixture of expectation and apprehension. If, in addition, it is a question of one of his most difficult texts and the director is one of the least convention filmmakers of the North American industry, we are clearly considering a hazardous venture. All of these conditions come together in “A Scanner Darkly”, one of the productions animation fans have most been looking forward to in recent years. The film is intended to demonstrate that other forms of digital animation, aesthetically far removed from the model established by Pixar, Dreamworks and other 3D giants, can be created for an adult film loving public. Documentary about the film. (Approx. length 30 minutes)

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Advance Resfest – 10
Advance on the tenth edition of Resfest, the festival dedicated exclusively to showing the work of the first generation of digital filmmakers: shorts, advertising, credits, documentaries, animation... Resfest sets out on its world tour in Chicago in October and reaches Spain at the beginning of December. ArtFutura offers a small preview of what we will be able to see in the 2006 edition of this digital cinema festival par excellence. (Approx. length: 30 minutes)

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Moebius Retrospective
Every year ArtFutura dedicates an ample retrospective to an artist of special importance. This year, the festival features the work of Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, one of the most assiduous participants of the festival throughout its history. From comic to cinema, Moebius’s work is a landmark in the creativity of our times. This year, we pay him homage with the first part of his retrospective which centers on his work in the field of animation. (Approx. length: 30 minutes)

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