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C I R C U I T O   F U T U R A

Espacio As, Plaza Margarida Xirgu

With the sponsorship of As Montages, ArtFutura 2006 is please to announce the inclusion of a futuristic marquee of almost 400 square meters situated in the entrance to the market, Plaza Margarida Xirgu, which will hold two exhibitions: Vida 8.0 and Experimental Arcade.

artfutura artfutura

Vida 8.0
Fundación Telefónica shows a selection of the prize winning works of the International Vida 8.0 Contest. The International Art and Artificial Life Competition, one of the most important and prestigious contests on the panorama of international technological art, rewards excellence in artistic creation achieved by means of techniques, strategies, concepts and methods of digital synthesis derived from synthetic life.

Vida 8.0 seeks an art that reflects the possible interaction between “synthetic” life and “organic” life and, for example, how autonomous agents shape and interpret our data-saturated environment. Genetic interventions, simulations of evolutive systems, observation of emerging behaviors, nanotechnologies, surgical implants of mechanical parts are some of the highlights that contribute to our “posthumous condition”.

artfutura artfutura

Experimental Arcade reflects ArtFutura’s vision of the world of videogames as a creative area. A show of the work of both independent and consolidated creators who, from inside or from outside of the industry, are wagering for formal innovation and investigation of languages in electronic leisure.

The arcade is a very special “games room” in which first viewings of novelties, which are about to be published, titles from independent studios, artistic projects and other examples of the less conventional side of videogame culture are all mixed together.

In this edition, Experimental Arcade will dedicate retrospectives to the projects of the North American Independent Games Festival, pioneer in celebrating innovation in the design of games, and to the games of the Japanese designer Masaya Maatsura, one of the guests of honor at the festival. There will also be a space for the finalist projects in this edition of the PlayStation ArtFutura Videogame Creation Prize, and the first presentation in Spain of the surprising gadgets of the Japanese artist Ryota Kuwakubo.

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